Boy Names starting with letter


IAGO Supplanter, or heel
IAKOBOS Supplanter, or heel
IAKOV Supplanter, or heel
IAKOVOS Supplanter, or heel
IAN God has been gracious
IANCU God has been gracious
IANOS God has been gracious
IBAN God has been gracious
IBN-MUSTAPHA Son of Mustapha
ICARUS Devoted to the moon goodess car
ICEK Laughter
ICHABOD The glory has departed
IDRIS Lord, or ardent
IDWAL Lord, or wall
IEUAN God has been gracious
IFOR Old Norse
IGASHO Wanderer
IGNAC God has been gracious
IGOR Ing's protection (Ing's is a god of peace)
IKE Laughter
IKEY Laughter
ILIAS The Lord is my God
ILJA The Lord is my God
ILLINGWORTH Place name in Yorkshire
ILOM I have many enemies
IMMANUEL God is with us
IMRICH Home-power
IMRUS Home-power
INAR Individualist
INEK Boar, or friend
INGER Son's army
INGHAM meaning unknown
INGLEBERT Bright as an angel
INGRAM Anglian raven
INGVAR Ing's protection (Ing's is a god of peace)
INIGO meaning unknown
INIKO Troubled times
INNES Island
INNIS Island
INTEUS He is not ashamed
IOAKIM God will establish
IOAN God has been gracious
IOANN God has been gracious
IOANNIS God has been gracious
IOLO Lord, or worth
IONEL God has been gracious
IORWERTH Lord, or worth
IOSIF God will add
IOSUA God is my salvation
IOV God will establish
IRA Watchful
IRAM Brightness
IRVIN Beautiful
IRVINE Beautiful
IRVING Beautiful
IRWIN Boar, or friend
ISAAC Laughter
ISAAK Laughter
ISAIAH God is my help & salvation
ISAK Laughter
ISAS Meritorious
ISHMAEL God will hear
ISIDORE Gift of Isis
ISKANDAR Defender of men
ISKEMU Gently running creek
ISMAEL God will hear
ISRAEL Wrestled with God
ISTI Crown, or crowned
ISTU Sugar-pine sugar
ISTVÁN Crown, or crowned
ITHEL Generous Lord
IUANA Blown backwards over the rippling brook
IVAN God has been gracious
IVANCHIK God has been gracious
IVANO God has been gracious
IVAR Old Norse
IVAS God has been gracious
IVER Old Norse
IVES Yew wood, or archer
IVO Yew wood, or archer
IVON Old Norse
IVOR Old Norse
IVORY meaning unknown
IVY Ifig (plant)
IWAN God has been gracious
IYE Smoke
IZAAK Laughter
IZAK Laughter
IZZY Gift of Isis