Washing Diaper



1. Refasten securely hook and loop tabs (as shown in illustration 5 or 6), illustration 6 is preferable when washing in order to protect the tabs from lint and to ensure they do not stick to other diapers in washing.

2. Use one of the following pail methods.


3. Do not use bleach. (Guarantee is void if bleach is used in wash.)


4. Detergent designed for delicate fabrics is not recommended for washing diapers since it makes diapers less absorbent, and leave a gummy deposit on diapers. Under normal circumstances, regular detergent is preferred.

5. A normal laundry load is 24 diapers.

6. Place contents of diaper pail into washer, SPIN DIAPERS OUT while you measure the detergent.

7. Always use HOT water and highest water level to wash.

8. Rinse diapers well until water is clear. You can also put a cup of vinegar in the final rinse to eliminate ammonia in the baby's urine and soap residue.


9. Avoid fabric softeners; as they cause irritation, and decrease the absorbency of diapers.

10. You can save electricity, by hanging diapers to dry, diapers are more absorbent when dried naturally.

11. After third washing, diapers are designed to shrink to proper size.

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